Thug Who Tried To Strangle Teen Mum Uk Star Ex

Thug Who Tried To Strangle Teen Mum Uk Star Ex

Chloe & Jordan admit that they did not plan on starting a family so young. Throughout the seasons of Teen Mom UK, we see Chloe dealing with child blues, as well as maintaining relationships with friends and family. presentChronologyRelated showsTeen MomExternal linksWebsiteTeen Mom UK is a British actuality television series set within the United Kingdom. It follows the lives of 5 British teenage mums who’re attempting to make it by way of motherhood.

mia boardman

Mia appeared as a visitor in Chloe’s section in collection 5. Marliya’s father is Mia’s ex-boyfriend Manley Geddes, they were teenage sweethearts. The couple separated for a few years before filming and through that point Manley had Aalayah with ex Erin, with whom he briefly reunited.

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Shannon has taken a break from the present and won’t return for collection 7. Sassi has taken a break from the show and will not return for sequence 7. She has been with boyfriend Darren since faculty and are childhood sweethearts. Sassi joined the cast of Teen Mom UK initially of season 2, after the departure of Naomi Konickova. Naomi had daughter Kyanna at the age of 17, with boyfriend Raphael Poitou. Mia left after series 3 to focus more on her new relationship and her career.

Mia is joined by model and influencer Lauryn Goodman to talk all about suffering from Endometriosis and mentioning her 7 month child on her personal.

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