January 2020 Newsletter

Happy New Year from your local Mechanic Shop! We would like to share with you, one of our most advantageous & riveting repairs of January! Mr. Carter Rinaldi brought in his 2014 Subaru 
Forester 2.5i Limited inquiring about why his vehicle was running extremely poorly. Diagnostics were run & we found the engine was not holding compression. The pressure was below .5 PSI!

Cylinder Valves | Cornerstone AutomotiveCylinder Valves Image 2 | Cornerstone Automotive

Upon removal, it was evident due to intense heat within the engine compartment & little to no coolant in the radiator, the cylinder heads had warped. The cylinder heads were machined & half an inch of material was removed to make sure the cylinder heads were flush & perfectly flat. Then, after removal of the cylinder heads it was clear the immense heat damaged the engine block as well. The pistons were covered in carbon build up & would need new rings.   

Piston Head | Cornerstone AutomotivePiston | Cornerstone Automotive

Piston Image 2 | Cornerstone AutomotivePiston Image 3 | Cornerstone AutomotivePiston Image 4 | Cornerstone Automotive

After a thorough cleansing & removal of build up, the pistons were up to our standard! It was a delicate process to remove all of the piston rings & install new rod bearings. 

Piston Image 5 | Cornerstone AutomotivePiston Image 6 | Cornerstone Automotive

Once properly cleaned, the reassembly process began! First, cylinder head gaskets were properly installed & sealed back to the engine block. Then, the camshafts were reinstalled with new carrier filters & o-rings! In addition, both the intake manifold gasket, exhaust manifold gasket were installed & sealed. Subsequently, the OEM procedure for the cylinder head bolts  included over 40 pages of torquing each head bolt to which exact degree & in which exact order. 

Mechanics at Work | Cornerstone AutomotiveAuto Technician at Work | Cornerstone Automotive

Fast forward a week's time & the entire engine assembly was ready for installation! 

Mechanic at Work Image 2 | Cornerstone Automotive

Engine | Cornerstone Automotive

To ensure the engine compartment would not overheat in the future, a new water pump & thermostat were installed along with their respective gaskets. After, refilling the radiator with Subaru Anti-Freeze & synthetic oil change the vehicle was running two weeks since being brought in. The finished product drove beautifully with no check engine light or any other error light illuminated! The Rinaldis picked up the vehicle with contagious smiles & were back on the road with peace of mind. 

If you have questions or concerns regarding your vehicle experiencing similar symptoms, let us know! We would be ecstatic in guiding you through overhaul & restoration of your engine! 
Give us a call at 760-757-9615 or stop on by at 477 N EL Camino Real, Oceanside, CA. 92058 for a quick & hassle free assessment. Let's make this year one to remember!!!

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