A/C Repair - Evap Core, A/C Manifold Lines, Schrader Valves, Compressor and Coil, Blend Door Actuators, and AC Service (Evacuate, Vacuum Test, Recharge)

Cooling System Repairs - Water Pump, Radiator, Expansion Tank Reservoir, Auxiliary Fan/Fan Shroud and Thermostat Housing

Belts & Hoses - Timing Belts, Serpentine/Drivebelts, Superchargers, Cooling/Heating Hoses, Brake Hoses, Breather Hoses, Evap Hoses and Air Intake Hoses

Block Test & Compression Tests

Engine Replacements or Rebuild - Engine if extent of damages allow - Pistons, Rebore Block, Machine Heads, All gaskets needed, all fluids needed, crankshaft and camshaft bearings and valves, new bolt set, timing, thermostat and spark plugs

Collision Repair - Bumpers/Fenders/Rocker Moldings/Doors/Hood/Trunk/Qtr. Panels/Windshields - Sand, Prime, Paint, and Seal

Transmission Replacement or Rebuild - Transmission if possible

Timing Components Repairs - Sprockets, Guides, Tensioner, Belt/Chain,

Transmission Service or Drain and Refill Transmission Fluid - Antifreeze/Coolant Flush, Bleed ABS/Brake Fluid, Differential Gear Fluid, Diesel Fluids, Washer Fluid, Motor Oil, and Freon

Tune Up - Tuning, Spark/Glow Plugs, Distributor, Fuel Injectors, Ignition Wires and Ignition Coils/Pack, carburetors, throttle body

Electrical Malfunctions - Faulty Wiring, Dash Lights not working, Navigation Repairs, Engine Harness

Lock Smith Repairs - New Cut and Programmed Keys, Unlock doors that have a lock actuator permanently engaged

Tire - Mount and Balance, Recycle Used/Old Tires, Custom Rim or Wheel installation, Tire Rotation. No used tires

Machine Work - Resurface (not brake rotors), Valve Seals, Camshaft/Crankshaft Bearings/Gears, Polish and Machine Engine Blocks

Brake Repairs- single or double piston Calipers, Wheel Cylinders, Brake Conversion Kits (From drum and shoes to rotors and pads) Lines, E-Brake/Parking Brake shoes or Pedal Assembly, Drums and Shoes, Rotors and Pads - Performance as requested (vented rotors, noise cancelling pads, Heavy Duty [i.e RV, Motorhome, Commercial Vans...etc.]) and Hub Assemblies

Suspension - Shocks/Struts, Coil Springs, Air Springs, Suspension control module, Leaf Springs, Lowering or lift kits, and control arms

Steering - Steering Columns, Tie Rod Ends - Inner and Outer, Steering Racks, Power steering lines/Pump, CV Axle Shafts, Differential/4WD Actuators, Wheel Bearings, and Alignment - 4 wheel or 2 wheel

Leaks - Cylinder Head Gaskets, Valve Cover Gaskets, Intake manifold gaskets, exhaust manifold/exhaust headers gaskets, CAT gaskets, Oil pan/Transmission pan drain plugs and washers, Oil pan gasket, Valley pan gasket, Oil filter housing gasket, Crankshaft seals - Front and Rear, Turbocharger mounting gaskets, Timing Cover gaskets and O-Rings

Exhaust - Install headers, repair/weld exhaust pipes, new or overall current exhaust system/tail pipe, Catalytic Converter replacement, O2 Sensors/Air to Fuel Ratio Sensors, Set monitors Fuel - Fuel Rail, Fuel Injectors, Fuel Lines, Fuel Filler Neck and hoses, Fuel Tank, Fuel Pump (Add Diesel Parts, ex. Diesel Fuel Pump)

Charging System - Battery, Alternator, Positive/Negative Battery Cables or Harness if needed, Starter, and Ignition Cylinder (refer to locksmith) - Custom push to start or Key FOB push to start

Interior - Windows (glass and motor and regulator assemblies), Door Locks - handles, actuators and window power switch, Leather/Polyester/Wool restoration, Custom Steering wheels, custom seats, Seat motor assemblies, seat adjuster actuator, and custom gauges and dashboard customization, seat belt adjustments/tensioner, seat belt buckle replacement, permanent toddler/infant/child seating installation


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